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Raw Word Revival was formed in 2011 and has throughout the years had a revolving door of members. The five current members of the group, Clint, Nick, BJ, Jlew and Ricko, all of whom have been with the group from the very beginning

In 2013 RWR released a music video for its song “What The Hell You Know About That 740”, directed by Clint Askew, which right away went viral in Area Code 740, of which Portsmouth, Ohio is the principal city, and which still today remains something of an anthem for the region. In 2014 the group had a strong win at the Coast 2 Coast LIVE showcase in Cincinnati which gave legitimacy to their dreams of stardom, followed by an opportunity to appear in Florida to compete on a national level. This promise of stardom faded, however, by reason of tensions within the group and unfortunate life choices by some of its members. Clint Askew nonetheless kept RWR going, and the reconstituted group has episodically performed, recorded and released music over the years.

In October 2020 Clint Askew received a message from Caroline Taucher, a Senior Project Manager at Corite and the originator of the charitable initiative Ohio Against Opioids, who in the course of research about Portsmouth had come across a video newscast featuring RWR. Clint had been contacted by several journalists and documentary filmmakers over the years, however many of the projects fell through, so he had started to lose interest in responding to requests that were mainly focusing on the opioid crisis and less about Raw Word Revival. However this time he felt that it was different. Caroline and Clint spoke and soon began to prepare a new chapter for RWR with the members who wished to be a part of this trajectory. It was Caroline’s sense, with which Clint agreed, that RWR could become a strong and authentic voice in the harnessing the power of music to build support for the victims of opioid addiction in Ohio, through a Corite charitable campaign for a bespoke song to be written and recorded by RWR. This is how the the soon-to-be-released “Blind Eye” came into being, through the hard work and diligent collaboration of Caroline with Clint and the other members of RWR, and thanks also to the support and encouragement of Corite. All of the above are very hopeful that the Corite campaign for RWR’s song “Blind Eye” will mobilize hundreds of thousands of fans in the United States and around the world in the support of The Safe Babies Court Program, Scioto CASA and of the cause of Ohio Against Opioids, through generous (and potentially rewarding) investment in the song.







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