Meet The Man Whom Wrote About The 740

How Raw Word Revival came about:

Told from the mind of Clint Askew.

Raw Word Revival was a dream. . .

A dream of fragmented thoughts and ideas that never really came together until meeting various different people in my city. A lot of trial an error went into it's creation. There was my time with Slow Vision Entertainment that taught me a lot about how songs were formatted, and how to throw a show. Drew Carter, an F.A.M. Click was a big inspiration for me as well. Drew was a go getter, and always had his hand in the underground music scene here in Portsmouth, Ohio. I learned so much just watching them perform. Another inspiration of mine was Nate Krekeler. A.K.A. Dieabolik… His stage presence, his ability to dissect a beat with speed, and preciseness... It defiantly pushed me in my direction.

  So much talent was in my city, and all I could see was it's potential. I wanted to be apart of it... I wanted to be the best I could be. So I started writing... I met with people who had like minded goals, and I devised my plan... These people know who they are, and I will elaborate on them at a later time... It was during these years

Raw Word Revival was born. 

Our story is far from over, and will only end when we let it... But these memories, and the impact that we have had on our city will live on forever! I appreciate everyone ever involved.

Tim Oliphant - Greg McKinley - Dxxxxx Wxxx

Nick Mungle - Michael Leib - Barry Munyon  

Donricko Green - Justin Lewis 

Aarick Montgomery - Lexxy Jackson

Anjo Jackson - David Packard








Clint Askew




Clint Askew, David Packard, Barry Munyon